Welcome to Your Perfect Eyebrows

Welcome to Your Perfect Eyebrows!

We’re thrilled you’re here! Let’s get started!

Why do you need perfect eyebrows?
To make your eyes their most gorgeous! You want your eyes to pop. Perfectly shaped eyebrows do that. Incorrectly shaped eyebrows detract from your eyes and face. We make them perfect for your individual face. Visit our Before & After page!

How do you get perfect eyebrows?
We make it so easy. Perfect eyebrows don’t just happen. There’s a proven art to shaping your eyebrows (who knew?!). Our professionals take precise measurements of your eyes, nose, and eyebrows and give you the ideal length and arch. You’ll love what they do for your eyes and face. Eyebrow threading is a great way of getting those perfect eyebrows.


How do we do it?
We’ve made it so simple for you. You can come in to see us, if you’re in Dallas, or do it online, from wherever you are. We have amazing software that only we have that allows us to take your measurements from three photos you upload to us. It’s insanely simple! See our page for the easy instructions. To visit us in Dallas.

What do you get?
So much! First, the perfect eyebrows for you! And you get our famous eyecandy treat bag™! It comes with the eyecandy custom eyebrow stencil™ we create just for you through our patent-pending process, and it has everything you need for your perfect eyebrows. See another page for the complete list!

What’s an eyebrow stencil?
It’s an ingenious tool to get and keep the perfect eyebrows. You place it over your eyebrow, color in the stencil’s cutout shape, then tweeze around it. But here’s the important part: You may have seen generic stencils on the market. There are lots of them. There are even ones shaped like celebrities’ eyebrows. Want to know the reason the celebrities’ eyebrows look so great? They were created especially for them by professionals using the proven art we talked about earlier. They weren’t created using a generic stencil. Eyebrows are not one size fits all. They must be custom to be right. We create the perfect eyebrows for you and create an eyecandy custom eyebrow stencil™ for you to keep them perfect. You can’t get a custom eyebrow stencil anywhere else. This patent-pending innovation is available only through us!

What if you’re just in love with a particular celebrity’s eyebrows?
That’s OK. They look amazing for a reason — they had their eyebrows custom shaped by a professional. Just jot us a note in the Message box, telling us what celebrity’s eyebrows you love. We’ll take a look at them to see if they have an overall natural look or a more defined, dramatic look, and we’ll keep that in mind when we create the perfect eyebrows for your features.

What if your eyebrows are already shaped?
If they weren’t custom shaped for you, they need to be, so your eyes will be their most beautiful. Just come see us or follow our instructions, and we’ll send you an eyecandy custom eyebrow stencil with your perfect custom shape. You’ll be able to tweeze to it and fill in, if needed, until your hair grows back in.

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