7 Sweet Steps

To keep your custom eyebrows perfect!

  1. Brush brows upward with Spooley Brush.
  2. Trim excess hair with Stork Scissors.
  3. With both hands, align your eyecandy custom eyebrow stencilâ„¢with your eyebrow.
  4. Using one hand, take your thumb and middle finger and press the stencil against your brow.
  5. Using your other hand, apply Brow Powder with Brow Brush or Fluff Brush.
    Sweet tip: When you want a clearly defined line to groom around, apply Brow Powder heavier. When you want to fill in for everyday use, apply Brow Powder sparingly, then lift stencil off and use a dry cotton swab to gently soften edges. (view demo)
  6. Remove stencil
  7. Pluck away any stray hair outside of the stencil line with Tweezers, wipe stencil clean, flip over and repeat. After each use, wash stencil thoroughly with soap and water, pat dry with towel.
    Sweet suggestion: When you need a thorough touch up, visit your favorite aesthetician.