Does Threading Upper Lip Increase Hair Growth

Does Threading Upper Lip Increase Hair Growth


Threading the upper lip does not increase hair growth, this is exactly the same as any other area of the face that has been threaded. A persons hair growth is genetic and no form of hair removal can either increase or decrease hair growth.

The advantage that threading does give is that the hairs will grow back finer over time. The more times you have your upper lip threaded, the finer the hair will grow back.

This helps with your facial hair appearance because it can make it harder to see when it is finer.

The hair that has been threaded will grow back depending on your genes. The average time for it to grow back is around 4 to 5 weeks.

Thread is a method of using a thin twisted cotton thread rolled over the area with undesired hair growth. The thread raises hairs from the roots as it passes over the surface. The results are not permanent but last longer than shaving. The method is gentle and you do not need to use any chemicals.

It is best to have your upper lip threaded by a professional who will be able to properly remove all your hairs easily and in a quick time.